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About Handysouq.com


Handysouq.com is one of UAE's fastest growing and most comprehensive trades and services websites and online directories. Since 2015, we have been catering to the needs of customers and business owners all over the UAE.

Our website is an easy to use and efficient platform which connects service companies to potential customers, helping them build their customer base, and aiding customers looking for trusted service companies.

What made us step up is when we observed occurrences that were taking a toll on business across the UAE. Service providers are experts in their own field, but just like any other start-up business, they need help in presenting themselves effectively online. Sadly, we found out that some companies were being charged sky-high rates for ineffective advertising. For the sake of earning, they also had no choice but to settle on low-ball offers for their services. Some tradesmen also agreed to pay to get access to potential customers, but never got any jobs in return. We don’t want our fellowmen to be in this situation forever, so after countless hours of planning and evaluating among our team, the idea of HANDYSOUQ.com was presented.

For our customers, on the other hand, we offer a free service where they can find the right service provider in their area. They can simply tell us what household service they need plus a brief description, and we provide free quotes for customers looking to know and compare rates of different service providers.

We guarantee that using our service is easy, quick, and hassle-free because we want to help you get the job done.

FAQ for users


You can easily request for any service through the following:

Our main website: Just visit www.handysouq.com and type in the service that you need on the space provided, and follow the simple instructions on the next steps.

Our mobile website: Visiting HANDYSOUQ.com on any mobile smartphone will direct you to our mobile web form. Simply select the type of work you need done to get started and complete the short form to submit your request.

Our customer service line: Call us at +971 4 5515584 and request for any service you need. Our representatives are available to serve you from Saturday to Thursday, at 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Providing more information to service companies makes the process easier. Initially, we ask for the job type and your location. Then in your job description, please supply additional details such as:

  • When you want the work to start
  • The size of the room(s) or affected area(s)
  • Details about the property
  • Images of the affected area
  • Your budget

Note: The budget you provide helps us narrow down the selection of service companies to quote on your job, so kindly provide an estimated and realistic budget.

To keep the quotes competitive and protect your personal information, a maximum of three service companies can view your details and send you quotes. All you have to do is post details of the service you need, and HANDYSOUQ.com will alert relevant companies to cater to your needs.

After you post your service request, we forward your job description to all relevant companies in your location. Each time a company accepts the job, we send you an e-mail with their details to help you decide which company to pick. We also send these to your personal account in HANDYSOUQ.com.

If no company contacts you within 24 hours, call our customer care line for assistance.

No. We never publish your contact details publicly on the website.

Note: To protect your personal information and keep the market competitive, only a maximum of three companies can view your details and send you a quote.

If you wish to change or update a service request you previously posted, simply log on to your account here select ‘My requests’ from the main navigation panel to view the list of your previous job postings. Select the post you want to update, and then the ‘Update request’ button afterwards. You can now edit the details on your job description and click ‘Update your request’ to submit changes.

You cannot update your request if a company has already committed to doing the job or if you have already updated the post before.

If you have already selected a service company or you want to stop receiving quotes for any reason, you may take down your service request to prevent other companies from contacting you.

Just call us at +971 4 5515584 and request for a cancellation. Our representatives are ready to assist you from Saturday to Thursday at 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Yes. All job request posts are only linger in our website and system for five working days. We automatically take down postings if 3 service companies have already accepted or contacted them.

Yes. You can ask to take down your job posting by calling us at +971 4 5515584 from Saturday to Thursday at 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.

However, companies who already accepted your request before cancellation can still contact you. Cancelling the request will not affect any arrangements you have already entered into with a service company.

To help you select the best company for your needs, we send you the details of a certain company’ and a link to their profile with ratings and reviews from other customers.

We suggest that you visit the profile of each tradesman we send you and check their qualifications, past work, and reviews from other HANDYSOUQ customers. Also bear in mind the quote that they sent you, because it is also an important factor in helping you choose the service company.

Those are the ratings of the company. After a work has been completed, customers using HANDYSOUQ.com are asked to rate their service provider from one (1) to five (5) stars (five being the highest rating) based on their quality of work, reliability, and value for money. The ratings you see is the overall rating based on the average of all of their ratings on our website.

Unlike other websites, we operate on a closed ratings system, meaning only those who have hired a company via HANDYSOUQ.com can submit an evaluation of that specific company after the work is complete. Customers can edit their reviews and ratings anytime and tradesmen can also reply or comment.

On our art, we review both positive and negative ratings to further ensure that you can confidently hire any company listed on HANDYSOUQ.com. Additionally, ratings are always screened for offensive language.

FAQ for business


Service request leads are the requests for service companies that customers post through our online form. We sort these requests by area, and skill type and then pass the details along to our service companies.

You can view and accept service request leads in a variety of ways:

  • On the main website: When you log in to your account you will automatically land on your ‘Active leads’ screen. Here you can scroll through the leads available for you to accept. Click on the lead to see more details or accept the lead. You can as well accept any leads without seeing the details simply click on “Accept Now” button.
  • Via email alerts: If you have email alerts turned on, we email you every time a new lead is available for you to purchase. To accept the lead, click the ‘Accept now’ button in the email.
  • Via SMS: If you have SMS alerts turned on, we send you an SMS every time a new job lead is available for you to accept. To accept the lead, you need to login to your account and accept the lead.
  • When you accept a service request lead, we will give you the customer’s mobile number and email address so you may contact them directly to find out more about the work and quote. We also send your profile page, ratings and contact details to the customer.
    A lead may be accepted by up to three companies, so contact the customer as soon as possible to introduce yourself and increase your chances of winning the work.

    It is not possible to guarantee that all customers who post service requests on HANDYSOUQ have a high level of intent to carry out the work and are not just doing so out of curiosity. To counter this, we are constantly updating our forms to help give you as much information on each job as possible.
    Additionally, if a service request lead is not accepted within 24 hours of posting, we ask the customer to update their request with more information.

    Unfortunately, though we take many efforts to ensure the quality of our leads, a few invalid contact details do occasionally slip through. If the contact details we have given you result in an email bounce-back message, a disconnected phone line or belong to an individual that did not post the request, please let us know by contacting us here and a member of our staff will look into this issue for you.

    HANDYSOUQ is an introductory service that aims to connect quality service companies with potential customers and more work. We cannot guarantee how a customer will behave after posting a request or if they will accept your attempt to contact them and offer you a fair opportunity to quote.
    For this reason, we encourage you not to rely on an individual lead for the success of your next job. Our companies report that, on average, they win 1 in every 3 leads they accept.
    It is also important to remember that any time you are able to make contact with a new customer and discuss your services, you have made a valuable connection that may turn into future work, even if the current job does not proceed.

    Ratings serve as your word-of-mouth online and help you build your reputation. Every time you accept a lead, we send your profile and ratings to the customer. The more positive ratings you have, the easier it will be to win more work.

    All of your ratings are stored on your HANDYSOUQ profile page. Your overall ratings score is sent to the customer every time you accept a service request lead.

    To see an overview of the ratings you have received, log in to your handysouq account and you will then be shown a summary of your average ratings for Quality, Reliability and Value.

    No. However, if you receive a rating that is particularly unfair, factually incorrect or slanderous that you have been unable to resolve directly with the customer, we will investigate on your behalf. Please contact us to report the rating. The rating will be flagged as under investigation until the investigation has finished.

    We know it can be difficult when you first join HANDYSOUQ, so we give you free lead credit and SMS alerts to help you trial the service and get started winning work. The best way to win work without ratings is to:

    • Update your profile with your qualifications, specialities and photos of past work
    • Start with low-cost, easy-to-service leads where customers are less likely to rely on ratings
    • Contact the customer immediately when you accept a service request lead
    • Give a thorough, detailed quote and provide references
    • Always ask for ratings

    Once you have built-up a few ratings, it will be easier to go after bigger jobs and keep winning.

    Unlike other recommendation sites, we operate a closed ratings system. Only customers who have hired a company via HANDYSOUQ can submit a rating of that company. Customers can update or change their rating at any time.
    We screen ratings and comments for offensive language and conduct random spot checks on both positive and negative ratings. We have also put in place automated checks to catch companies who try to rate themselves.

    A unique profile page for you/your company is included with your membership. This page showcases your ratings as well as any company information, certifications and photos of your work that you provide.
    Your profile page is sent to the customer every time you accept a request lead. We’ve found that companies with a full profile are 3 times more likely to win work.

    To update or change your profile page, log in to your account and then Edit Company profile. From there you may update your company description, profile picture and cover image etc.

    To disable email or SMS job lead alerts that you no longer wish to receive, call our customer service at any time they will then change the status of SMS or Email Alerts.

    If you wish to cancel your account, you may do so at any time by contacting us at +971 4 55 1 55 84 and request for cancellation. Our representative will help you to cancel your account. Note: cancellation of your account will remove your profile and all of your ratings and you will no longer have access to leads.

    Payment is taken at two times: when your membership fee is due and any time you win a job. Your membership fee will be taken either monthly, quarterly or annually from the date of activation depending on the membership.

    Our service is better than word of mouth and directories for 4 reasons:

    • No waiting for the phone to ring: we provide a continuous supply of job leads to choose from all year round matching your specified trade, skills and location.
    • Grow your reputation: your ratings and profile serve as your online word of mouth and help you win new customers.
    • Fill gaps in your diary: during periods when you’re less busy, use HANDYSOUQ to win work and widen your customer base.
    • Showcase your work: use your personal profile to share your company information, qualifications and photos of past work with potential customers.

    In the unlikely event that a company has acted unscrupulously, we will investigate the situation and suspend their account. We close accounts if the company has:

    • Received a serious complaint from a customer during their first month with HANDYSOUQ
    • Received a total of 3 medium to high level complaints from customers
    • Acted inappropriately (e.g. using unacceptable language, racism, sexism, threats, bullying or abusing the trust of a customer)
    • Has received serious complaints outside of the HANDYSOUQ service

    Note: Circumstances vary, so all disputes are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Our Performance Audit Team (PAT) aims to conduct each investigation within 5 – 10 business days. However, company accounts will be temporarily suspended during the investigation.

    First, we encourage you and the homeowner to remedy the situation between yourselves. However, if asked to do so, our Performance Audit Team (PAT) can act as a mediator. The role of PAT is to investigate and resolve concerns or disputes. Disputes are handled on a case-by-case basis and your account may be temporarily suspended during the investigation.

    note: if after an investigation, the service company is found to have failed to deliver quality work or had not adhered to our professional code of conduct, they can be permanently suspended from our service

    If you feel that you have been unfairly treated by a customer, contact our us and request an investigation. Additionally, all ratings of 3 stars or lower will be investigated by our team to ensure that the rating is fair.

    To upgrade your account you log into your existing account, bringing you to your business dashboard. On this page, there will be a button to upgrade today and simply follow the prompts to get set up. Or simply contact us on +971 4 5515584 we will help you with this process.

    If you are not satisfied with the amount of work you are receiving from our site, we encourage you to contact us. In many cases it can be as simple as assessing your current profile and recommending a few changes.

    If you have forgotten your password don't panic! Under the Login tab there is "forgot my password" button that you can click and an e-mail to change this password will be sent to you. If you want to change your current login or password, this can be done through your account settings once you have logged on.

    General FAQ


    Handysouq.com is a FREE service that connects customers with local and reliable tradespeople. Our team aims to help businesses and customers every step of the way. We provide customers with quotes from quality assured businesses in their local area, offer reviews from past customers and ensure customers are connected to the best service providers.

    We do not share your information with any third parties without your consent. Rest assured that your information remains confidential at Handysouq.com.

    If you have any general inquiries that have not been addressed by this section, do not hesitate to contact us at info@handysouq.com

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    Using Handysouq makes it easy to find local service companies specializing in any type of work that you may require

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    Simply post your request and tell us about the service you are looking for or emergency repair job you need doing, where you are and when you want it to start. The more detail, the better.

    Multiple quotes

    Get Multiple Quotes

    We then send this job lead out to all the relevant service providers in your area. Up to 3 local companies, who are interested in quoting on your job, will accept this job lead and contact you.

    Select the best

    Choose the best

    Once you've looked at their profile pages, read through their ratings and received quotes, choose the one who's right for you and when the work is complete, rate your company to share your experience with others in your community

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